Jozsef Hocza

A Rather Disappointing Cyber Monday At Tech Companies

I just received a promotion from Smith, offering me two of their screen recording software. It is funny because I have the two software from them and I was thinking about an upgrade recently when their Version 3 came out for MAC.
But I was like: Hey Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here soon, why not wait for it?

So here is their slap in the face offer. It is for NEW customers not for existing ones. Which is really shame. Why did I even receive the promotion? So I can bring new customers to them? Why would I do that? They left me, us out from “shopping holiday”.

Companies just tend to forget from where their power/influence come from.


Not the prospects, who MAY become customers and MAY increase your power.

I understand that you need to make deals to attract new customers, but never ever forget what you already have.

Give us some love guys. :(

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