Jozsef Hocza

Available 100k-ish io domains list

When you need inspiration for an App or Domain name I can tell you it is a really frustrating process.
You come up with an idea for an App, you rush to check the domain:… damn taken. Let’s postfix it with *-app => DAMN TAKEN…. let’s check io:, both taken.

Then you find another good name for your app… same happens. You start thinking that it would be easier to know which .io domains are still free so I just should scroll thru them. But… A big list of available .io domain list is not exists, or outdated. Until now.

Here is a big-BIG-BIIIIG list of .io domains. I took the 100.000 top search keywords from google and made that list for you, for free. :)

Here it is: available-io-domains.txt

The list does not contain 100 000 domains, since most of the words from 100k list were already taken. That’s why the title set to: 100k-ish :)

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