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Blue Bird Is The Word
I was a bit busy lately. Well not with drawing but working on several projects. However I did not die, here is what I was up to in my short free time.
My Adventures To Spaghetti Code Land
I guess we all created code which we are really not proud of when we are looking back it with our current knowledge. There is a bright side of that!
Hocza's posts, Hocza's posts everywhere
Yes, I have been sharing posts on social... a lot. Sorry folks. :)
Eloquent Abused By Many Developers
Time to stand up and say no! No more abuse! Use Eloquent the way she meant to be.
Elegant Off-Canvas CSS3 Subscribe Button
Let's make a nice and elegant off-canvas CSS3 subscribe button for your newsletter campaign.
Open Source Makes You Better
Have you ever get that feeling: "I really should open source this as a package!" just to step back and not doing it. What happened?
Why Laravel Is Slow - Eager Loading, Caching
You are messing with Eloquent the wrong way. Let's see some quick tricks to make your code faster.
Why Laravel Is Slow
I bump into this question time to time when browsing the web or talking to fellow developers. It is something that you cannot answer with a simple 'well because of that!'. Oh wait, there is a simple answer!
It is been a while since I rolled my face on the keyboard to write some blog posts.
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