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What is UX?
You can find many materials on this so called UX. But what is UX? What should it be? It should be about providing the best user experience for your users, period.
Available 100k-ish io domains list
When you need inspiration for an App or Domain name... it is a really frustrating process
Sync Electron+Vue.js ToDo App with Lumen Part 1
So the main problem with Desktop Apps is that you want to allow it to be accessed in offline mode. However by doing so that would require to keep a local copy of the remote data and sync it back.
Lumen TDD: Testing a ToDo App
Test Driven Development was always a bit challenging for me. How should I test a ToDo App? Well I think it is really up to you.
Day 1: lumen-jwt - testing tymon's JWTAuth
So I chose the krisanalfa/lumen-jwt boilerplate to start with. I hope it won't turn out to be a bad idea
The Quest
Let's make task management great... I mean FUN again!
Seized Data As Conclusive Evidence
Can seized data become a conclusive evidence?
A Rather Disappointing Cyber Monday At Tech Companies
Buy a new, commercial license for 20% off... Companies tend to forget their customers
Should I Ever Use PHP Framework?
You should never use them, or wait maybe you should more than you think.
When I Almost Broke Up With Composer
I was just that lazy guy who always edited the composer.json and just ran `composer update` right after that. I was like: What possibly could go wrong?
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